Golf Fitness

One-way golfers seek to improve their game is by purchasing the latest equipment or newest gadget on the market. Over the last 100 years, however, all of this new technology has not proven to be successful in decreasing the overall handicap of golfers. So what IS the missing piece? Well, the main aspect that has not changed in the last 100 years of golf is the human body.

Golf fitness is designed to take a look at your body’s specific movement patterns and design a custom program for you. If you are able to move more efficiently through your golf swing, you can be more effective with your scoring. All of our Golf Fitness clients will undergo a comprehensive assessment which includes the following:

  • A full body physical screen identifying movement patterns and limitations
  • 3-D biomechanical swing assessment using state of the art K-Vest equipment
  • Ground Force Mechanics assessment using Boditrak
  • Video assessment
  • Custom made plan from the above results
    • Choice of small group (4 people) or 1 on 1 fitness training
    • Choice of single sessions or package pricing (6 sessions, 10 sessions)
    • If you currently work with a golf instructor, please let us know. We would like to work hand in hand with them to maximize your outcomes.


K-VEST is a complete “learning loop” designed for golf coaches, movement and fitness professionals, and medical professionals, empowering them to build athletic skills, abilities, and health.

Boditrack Sports

BodiTrack give teachers, coaches, golfers and fitness professionals the tools to visualize and better understand the golf swing, to make improvements and track success.

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