About Us

The name PAR, an acronym for “Performance And Rehabilitation”, was chosen for our business as we are a skilled physical therapy clinic treating patients needing traditional rehabilitation but also specializing in golf fitness and performance.

We are an organization that wants to assist golfers in returning to playing the game they love with less pain and more efficient movement patterns. We are NOT golf instructors. We are Titleist Performance Institute Medical Professionals who believe in the body-swing connection. However, we are also strong advocates for a team approach of performance and rehabilitation. Whether that may be with your golf instructor, golf coach, orthopedic surgeon, neurologist, etc. we look forward to maintaining a professional and reliable working relationship with these critical team members in order to maximize your functional outcomes.

Although golf is a part of who we are, it is not all that we are. PAR PT is here to provide traditional physical therapy services to all, whether your goals are to return back to the hobbies you love, play with your grandchildren or just function more efficiently, we are the clinic for you. At Performance and Rehabilitation Physical Therapy, we believe in a patient/client goal oriented focus where your needs are our priority. We believe in the team approach. We believe in YOU. Please see our SERVICES tab for more information.