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"I’ve just completed my second series of sessions with PAR. We again addressed ongoing issues with my neck, which has resulted in headaches, especially when sleeping. I started this series with Chris and finished with Brandon. Each applied a combination of manipulation, massage and traction to provide me with relief. I also received effective exercise therapy from Jessica, Liam and Daniel. This combination of treatment has resulted in less pain in my neck and many fewer headaches. In addition, each of the above professionals helped me with some soreness in the area of my right hip flexor which flares up when I’m stiff or after a run. Again, symptoms have subsided. All of this treatment takes place in a fun, open space setting with a lot of good natured chatter between the therapists, which inevitably draws in the patients. Once you are a patient at PAR you become a friend. I have and will continue to strongly recommend PAR Physical Therapy to anyone with muscle, joint or similar issues. You WILL get relief and you’ll enjoy the experience."
Sep 15, 2023
"Par Physical Therapy has helped me tremendously. Their attention to detail, their overall concern for your health and needs is second to none. Brandon and his associate, Scott have provided me exercises and suggestions to live a healthy life style. Starting with Holly in the office area to everyone in the therapy area, I have received the best treatment available. I highly recommend their services to anyone who is having some type of physical limitations "
Aug 16, 2023
"Words cannot express my gratitude for this amazing group of skilled and professional therapists and office staff. They take the time to listen and re-evaluate your needs to adjust your treatment plan for a successful outcome. The environment is calming and fun. My progress has exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend them. Thanks PAR team!"
Aug 02, 2023
"I have used PAR on two occasions over the last two years. Once for back issues and once as part of a surgery recovery. In all instances I received professional services by the entire staff. Brandon developed a successful plan for my back/surgery issues utilizing several methods that alleviated my pain. In Brandon’s absence, Chris seamlessly provided treatment. I would not hesitate to use them again should I have further issues."
Jul 11, 2023
"Great personnel that work to improve the patients quality of life. Highly recommend "
May 26, 2023
"I attended PAR PT for 6 weeks after having knee replacement. I highly recommend PAR, great people and excellent results. Thank you for the great treatment you and your team provided for me. Not only was the knowledge excellent, the atmosphere of kindness and care helped me to heal. I am in complete recovery and I returned to almost normal activities. Thank you Chris, Brandon, Jessica, Daniel and Drew! "
May 07, 2023
"I have used several physical therapy services during my rehabilitation after knee replacement, spinal stenosis and ablations, rotator cuff surgery, and neck injury. Chris and his fellow PT’s and PT assistants are some of the best I have ever encountered. My sessions always started on time and the time passed very quickly. I didn’t realize how hard I worked during each session until I finished. My recent shoulder rehab allowed me to move my shoulder much easier without pain and strengthen the muscles. I found out that my high school neck injury ( 50 + years ago) is one of the causes of my shoulder problems today. Having Chris work on both my neck and shoulder have allowed me get relief that I didn’t think possible. Thanks for a great job and for the very pleasant and fun rehab sessions. "
May 04, 2023
"Five stars *****for Par Physical Therapy Prior to considering surgery for what I thought may be a shoulder tear I booked an appointment with Par Physical Therapy first, and I’m so glad that I did. After seven treatments I have 70-80% improvement in mobility. Chris, Brandon, Jessica and the rest of the professional staff are extremely knowledgeable of the muscular/skeletal systems. They applied the necessary adjustments and realignments to get my shoulder aligned and functioning once again. I can’t emphasize enough how appreciative I am that I chose Par Physical Therapy to get me though the pain. And no surgery!"
Mar 06, 2023
"Chris was very professional when I met him. His staff and students are professional as well. Front desk are kind and helpful with billing questions or scheduling next appointment. I'm so glad I choose Par Physical Therapy. I've recommended them to many people. "
Feb 20, 2023
"Brandon Bensing & Daniel have helped me recover from a pinched nerve in my neck with massage Thearpy & exercises. This was the second time that PAR PT has helped me to recover from pain without steroids or drugs. They will always be my first stop whenever I need to figure out what is going on with my Body. Thanks Guys. "
Jan 30, 2023
"I went to PAR with neck and shoulder problems. I am getting better and be will continuing on with them for a while longer. The staff is wonderful. Brandon and Daniel have been great to work with. They have many different approaches to help you. I highly recommend PAR Physical Therapy. "
Jan 07, 2023
"I was having sciatic pain down my right leg. Orthopedist recommended PT. I didn't feel any relief so I started with injections and nerve pain meds. Two years later my primary care doctor suggested PT again and to try PARS. Reluctantly I did and Dr. Brandon and Daniel did wonders! I am off the meds and have not had the nerve pain in over 6 months! I highly recommend this group. They all work together and are wonderful. They also treated my son who is mentally challanged and they were extremely patient and kind to him. He was actually disappointed when his treatment ended. "
Jan 03, 2023
"When my doctor suggested physical therapy I was doubtful it would work for my condition but reluctantly agree. So glad I did. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, professional and caring. My condition has improved and I would most definitely recommend PAR to family and friends. A big thank you to all !!"
Sep 05, 2022
"I was having severe pain from my spine across under my shoulder blade and to my elbow. Chris and Jessica have increased my mobility and lessenedmy pain. It was to the end of my rope and they have pulled me back in. They are professional, friendly and knowledgeable. They really have worked wonders. Thanks to tje whole staff"
Jun 06, 2022
"I came to PAR with serious issues, slipped disc and couldn't even use my left hand. They fixed me and Brandon was a wonderful partner in my recovery. Highly recommend this establishment and will return in the future if ever needed. "
Jun 04, 2022
"About 5 years ago, I suffered a slipped disc which caused nerve damage before I could get into surgery. Along with the nerve pain and weakness in my leg, I've been living with nearly constant back pain ever since. After my first appointment with Chris, my pain was reduced and my leg was stronger. Ive had alot of PT before moving here and had given up hope that I would ever be better. I have never! had such amazing, immediate improvement in my pain and weakness. Chris has additional training and certification which he has used on my back and leg. I can not recommend his skill, personality and the friendly, comfortable staff highly enough. They truly care about you."
Jul 27, 2021
"Incredibly friendly and knowledgeable technicians. Felt better right after 1st treatment, quite sore but better! I’ve continued practicing the techniques and exercises used by Jessica and Chris. Forever grateful for patience, respect during my therapy sessions! 5 Stars for sure!!😀"
May 18, 2021
"Went to Par for a stiff and painful shoulder. Now my shoulder is not hurting and isn’t stiff any longer. Lot better than surgery and run around by doctors. The whole crew at Par are great."
Jan 28, 2021
"I first started to have discomfort in my right shoulder two years ago. I was give an injection of a cortizone which for several months was effective for relief of the discomfort. Probably one year ago the discomfort changer to pain particularly at night while trying to sleep. January of 2020 I gave serious consideration to a reverse shoulder replacement. With the pandemic upon us in March all elective surgery began to be cancelled as it was an elective procedure. Sometime shortly thereafter I saw via, facebook, a video presenting information about PAR Physical Therapy. I gave it some thought and scheduled a free comsultation with Chris GaravitoMSPT. This led to my active roll for PT for my shoulder. I am very thankful for the treatment I received and the fact that my range of motion as increase and I am much more able to before all activities of daily as well as my return to nine holes for golf. I would like to give credit to Jessica PTA who was my primary source of therapy under the direction of Chris. thank you , Peggy Veedock"
Oct 14, 2020
"To start I have had two rotator cuff repairs both of which failed. I scheduled an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon because my pain level had begun to be unbearable. During that visit my two options were shoulder replacement or Physical Therapy. Timing being everything the weekend before my visit with my Doctor my wife saw PAR’s video addressing rotator cuff pain issues. I had scheduled a free consultation just prior to my appointment. I arrived at PAR and Chris started his evaluation. My range of motion was nearly zero. Chris did some adjustments and immediately my range of motion improved 100%. In the following weeks we added to my therapy and I saw continued improvements in strength and motion. We have now added strength training with weights and we are improving the muscles that remain able to be rehabilitated. As we make progress I am able to now use my arm and shoulder to do simple things that most don’t think about getting a container out of the fridge putting on your seat belt and most importantly getting a decent night sleep. I am certain with continued use of the exercises that Chris Jessica and Casey have taught me I will continue to improve. The most important thing is with no additional surgeries. Thank you PAR for all you do and have done."
Oct 06, 2020
"Impressive, is the first word that comes to mind. Today was my initial assessment. All of my questions were answered as well as being provided with a plan to get me independent again and the support and compassion was an added plus. "
Aug 05, 2020
" Saw Chris for initial visit yesterday after evaluation Chris worked on my right shoulder which has been painful for months last night I slept all night awesome "
Jun 02, 2020
"So I found Par Physical Therapy when it popped up on my Facebook, I have been going in and out of Physical Therapy since 2004 with the Army and other civilian therapy groups. By far and beyond Chris and Par Physical therapy have done in 3 weeks what nobody could do in 15 years. I have a frozen shoulder and have been told by numerous Doctors and Physical Therapists that I needed a full shoulder replacement and I would not be able to get anymore relief than what I already have had. I am so freaking happy and can't believe that I can rotate my shoulder and reach overhead now, its like a miracle. Chris has completely changed my view and ability of my shoulder, I went into this thinking ohhh here we go just another therapist and now I am like this man is a God send. The things he has done with my shoulder are unbelievable and I will talk him up and his ability until the day I die. It is amazing and I am in awwww of what he has done in 3 weeks. It really is a complete change and I can't wait to see what he can do with another 3 weeks. The pain and numbness has almost gone away and the motion has increased so much I might even be able to play golf or throw a baseball again with my kids, just thinking about that has me tearing up. I thought I would never be able to play catch with them like my father did with me. He is the best by far and I can't even imagine what my shoulder would be like in the next 5 years if I didn't find him. 5 star review more like 50 star review the techniques he uses I have not come across any physical therapist to date that has used them. Just WOW just WOW."
May 12, 2020
"I went to PAR PT after a complete knee surgery. From the moment I met Chris I was eager to jump in and get my new knee working correctly. I had heard that knee replacement therapy is hard - O MY GOODNESS, that is true! Chris took me to a new level of recovery that is simply” no pain no gain”. I quickly got on the same page with him and I am very pleased to say that I achieved a lot through his 20 sessions of helping me get back walking with no pain. Now on to golf! PS. Jessica his PTA was fabulous in assisting me through the therapy."
Apr 01, 2020
"I struggled to play a full round of golf because of lower back pain. I did not realize how it was effecting me in other ways, like standing at a work bench or riding in a car for extended periods. I would not describe the pain as debilitating, however, it bothered me enough to cause me to walk off the golf course after seven holes. After describing the pain to Chris he suggested that he could help. He began with a combination of exercise and stretching to strengthen my core structure. I began to notice results immediately. He taught me how to control and relax those muscles supporting my back. By taking the stress away from some areas and using my core for support. I am back to playing full rounds of golf and enjoy working in the shop. Chris is great! an enthusiastic professional!"
Feb 16, 2020
"I was referred to Chris through a friend, who was having great success with the PT he was receiving. I had tendonitis in my right elbow that was exacerbated by a slip and fall on my right elbow. Rather than doing soft tissue massage immediately, Chris evaluated my spine and found that my upper right rib was about an inch higher than my upper left rib. Most of our early sessions were spent working on realigning the ribs to get them back in the correct location. After that we began soft tissue massage and laser treatment. The procedures greatly reduced the pain to the point where elbow braces and drugs were no longer necessary to play golf. In addition to my elbow he worked on my lower back and left hip with a series of exercises and manipulations to realign them and keep them in place for the long term. I would highly recommend Chris if you have problems that PT would help resolve."
Jan 05, 2020
"I injured myself golfing and was having trouble maintaining a grip with my right hand on the club as well as numbness in three of my finger and sharp pain shooting up to my elbow effecting my sleep. After visiting my Doctor, he suggested getting PT to resolve the problem before using medication. I visited Chris at PAR PT and after an exam he felt he would be able to isolate the issue and resolve over time. He did several procedures, straight needle, laser, message, and stretches. That all led to the pain reducing each visit and now I am pain free and back playing golf as bad as ever. He is very pleasant and up beat person, with a great deal of knowledge / understanding of the body and helping it recover on its own. If you have pain or discomfort I would strongly recommend stopping in and seeing him to help you resolve the issue rather than tolerating the pain and causing more damage to the injury. "
Nov 21, 2019
"I really enjoyed my PT experience with Chris. He explains everything and he is very professional , making sure you are definitely moving away from pain and towards healing. I would recommend Par PT to anyone requiring rehab of any kjnd."
Nov 13, 2019
"I love the one on one service. Chris stays up to date on all the latest procedures. I’ve had very good results in a short amount of time"
Nov 12, 2019
"I've been a golfer for about 30 years and I haven't had this much range of motion for the last 10 yrs. Chris Garavito, with his exercise program and hands on treatment relived me of my lower back pain and numbness down my right side. I recommend him highly . He is awesome. "
Nov 12, 2019
"Dr. Chris has brought me from tears to minimal pain in just 6 visits!!! He truly cares about his patients and very accomadating if you need an extra vist. I highly recommend him! Would never go any where else!!! Thanks so much Dr. Chris!!!! "
May 09, 2019
"We come to Myrtle Beach every winter to golf. On January 4th, I could not make a full swing due to a right shoulder problem and experienced a sharp pain with my take-away. A friend directed me to Chris Garavito at PAR PT who I met with on January 8th. After 3 visits, many different stretches and dry needling, I was able to hit balls with no pain on January 15th and play a full round on January 18th. I have seen Chris 4 times (4 hours) and consider my shoulder to be 100% pain-free with full motion. Chris cared for me and was anxious to get me to the golf course and he did. Very professional, a right-on diagnosis and a very quick fix. Thus, I am a fan and would highly recommend PAR PT."
Mar 20, 2019
"I walked into PAR Physical Therapy with walking-associated left hip pain and depression from not being able to run like I used to. Chris worked with me for almost 6 weeks, dry needling my tight muscles, teaching me exercises to strengthen my hip, helping me to avoid having hip surgery, and giving me hope when I had minor setbacks. He treated my whole body, not just the hip. He was patient, funny, and encouraging. This is my second PT experience and I’m so grateful. Today, I’m back to running and I’m pain free. #BestFeelingEver"
Mar 20, 2019
"I was referred to PAR PT because of excruciating pain in the left buttocks. It was continuous pain whether I was sitting, standing or walking. The first session I had, with the process Chris organized, I felt like I was on the right track. I was confident with his reputation and the entire process of what we were going through. As we progressed over the sessions, my time was well utilized at therapy and the exercises diminished my pain as well as improved my posture. I felt my energy level increase as the pain diminished. I am now free of pain and have much more energy and I am aware of my posture. I do not know any other way that Chris could have done better. Every activity is easier, I am more flexible, have more strength and I am most importantly pain free. I feel like my body has been awoken and I feel alive!"
Mar 20, 2019
"I’ve never had physical therapy before, I’ve only heard that it hurts, so going into this I was apprehensive. Chris was very thprough in explaining how he was going to help me and what was causing my discomfort all of which helped alleviate my anxiety. Along with dry needling, he gave me exercises to do at home. The dry needling wasn’t fun, but it hurt in a good way and I benefited from it. He was even kind enough to check on me afterwards. Highly recommend Chris!"
Mar 20, 2019
"I had a total hip replacement on 7/20/18. Great surgery and was home that afternoon. Chris showed up to make sure I was comfortable with the walker they gave me and showed me exercises I could do on my own. He also took the time to do several exercises with me. Over the past week, he has come by and helped me with things. From exercises to showing me how to properly use a cane. Tonight was great. I walked around all day without an aid and my limp has even gotten less. We are working on strengthening my leg with the new hip to get it back in shape. All of this is 6 days out of surgery. Can’t say enough about this company. They are the best around and my thanks isn’t enough."
Mar 20, 2019
"I came to PAR in April of last year after battling through a series of injuries during my college career. I played golf collegiately and now play professional and I can say without a doubt that Chris knows exactly what he is talking about. At first, he put me through a series of tests followed by some hands on therapy which was amazing. Specifically, the dry needling was a game changer for me. I have been to many massage therapists and physical therapists trying to fix a hip problem I’ve had for years and Chris was able to give me relief I never knew could exist. Every time I am back in Myrtle Beach training, I make sure to get in as many visits as possible with Chris because I know that when I leave, I'm going to feel 10x better than I did when I came in. Not only was he great physically, he also has tools that can help golfers achieve specific motions they strive for in the golf swing. Go see Chris if you want to be pain free and better at golf!"
Mar 20, 2019
"I'm a Senior and my range of motion was very limited. After just two sessions at PAR PT, I feel like dancing. My balance and stamina has greatly improved. I've just completed my fourth session and plan to continue. Can't wait until the weather breaks so I can play golf. By the way, there's a golf simulator right next door to his office and my game looks promising."
Mar 20, 2019
"I have been going to PAR Physical Therapy for a few weeks now and have been very happy with the results. I suffered an injury to my right shoulder a few years ago and haven't been able to use my arm well. Chris, the therapist, had me raising my arm over my head after the first session. Now we are stabilizing the shoulder and strengthening it. Chris is caring and concerned about his clients, and instinctively knows what is needed. The best part is that the clinic is inside the gym and I can go from workout to appointment or vice versa as needed, no travel! All in all 5 stars!"
Mar 20, 2019
"I have been seeing Chris for traditional physical therapy, dry needling, and deep tissue laser therapy for an overuse injury and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. When I started out at PAR PT I was unable to walk, use the stairs, or sleep without pain. After my initial laser therapy session I slept through the night for the first time in over a month and a couple of weeks later I am walking, taking the stairs, and rehabbing pain free. Chris thoroughly explained his treatment approach, answered all of my questions (I had many!), and addressed associated/underlying issues not just the injury. He is a true professional (I don't use that term loosely) whose passion for getting people back to the activities that they love comes through in each one-on-one session. I'm no stranger to physical therapy and PAR PT is second to none. Thanks so much Chris!"
Mar 20, 2019